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What Others Say

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
- Albert Einstein

Having previously completed a 7day NLP Practitioner with another company, I was confused and frustrated about how to apply the techniques in my life. I met Lorna and she gave me the time to ask questions and was able to share my concerns with her aboput not being confident using what I had learnt. I paid her for some mentoring and learnt so much, gaining a clearer understanding of the benefits of NLP. I assisted her on her last NLP traiining and was amazed at her generosity in sharing her unbelievable knowledge and expertise and her willingness to be there totally for the participant until they had the understanding of how it works, there was no rushing through when we needed more time, even giving her time after the class for those that needed more time. I would highly recommend NLPworking4u trainings, for value and integrity and lasting benefits. Stephen. Brisbane

NLP and the LAB profiling sysytem has given me insights of better understanding of the way that I think and do things in my medical practise with my patients, and at home with my family. It is 5 months since I attended my training of NLP in Brisbane and I am so much more comfortable and less stressed, I have been a GP for 28 years and learnt so much about the human mind and the way we process things on a daily basis,
I am now able to enjoy my leisure time instead of being continually stressed and tired. Dr Michael. Melbourne

.Working in an engineering environment for most of my life, I have been amazed at the change in our environment between the engineers and the draughtsman since completing the training, there is also so much more respect between the CEO's, management and contractors. I have personally achieved a much better understanding of individuals different communicating styles. Bruce.

Lorna did an entire evaluation of our business three months ago, giving us much needed feedback on our weaknesses and suggested how to create them becoming our strengths. We have implemented changes with our structure, staffing facilities, staff presentation and with our own office and filing systems. We are noticing the changes and the positive difference it is making. We are still making changes and implementing new structure, we are very happy with the progress and the improvement in out turn over.

Lorna worked with us and assisted our company in putting into place systems that has allowed for more open and beneficial communications between the managers and staff in 2003. Our business is a much better place to work in and more welcoming for our clients. Our annual staff turnover that used to be 6 to 12, is now maybe 1 or 2. Tony - Wholesale Retail Clothing business

Lorna facilitated a day training for our managers at our company, since this training we are communicating and discussing opportunities more freely. I have noticed a higher level of respect between all of the staff. Don - Furniture manufacturer

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life
by altering his attitudes of mind."
- William James

I highly recommend the advanced trainings in communication for all companies, whether they be large or a small business, since attending a training with lorna I have noticed remarkable difference in personal attitudes of all the staff, making for a nicer place to work in, and better results being achieved on alll levels. Rob - Engineering Consultancy

NLP has been the most beneficial training I have ever attended, it has given me so many more tools for communicating more effectively, a much healthier understanding of myself and others I work with as well as in my personal relationships. I would recommend this for all levels in business, making for a better team and more productivity in the company. Stephen

We have a business in country Victoria, 5 years ago lorna assisted my husband and I in our retail business with tips for enhancing our workplace, by clearing our clutter and with organisation tips being utilised. The difference this has made in our business today is phenominal, Better attitudes, pleasant respectful staff, satisfied clients and with the personal coaching my husband and I choose to have, a happier and more fulfilling family life. Guisepina

"Successful men and women become successful
because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success."
- Napoleon Hill

Having my own Beauty therapy business for over 20 years, the Clearing Your Clutter, Communications skills, customer rapport, and attitude trainings were very beneficial. We have attracted more clients to the salon because of our more welcoming attitude, and creating a more client focussed environment. Katrina - Natural Beauty Therapy

Having a continuous turnover of staff my business was suffering, After engaging in Business and personal coaching with Lorna I recognised the reasons my staff were leaving. It is now two years since my business coaching program, I am enjoying having long term loyal staff, my business has improved 300% and I am getting 80% referrals from my clients. Julie - Hairdresser

The Only Limits We Have
AreThose We Impose On Ourselves

The professionalism and knowledge Lorna offered in addressing the needs of our business, the specifically designed program that covered all the areas that needed improving, and the excellent manual that was specifically designed allowing for follow up support after the training - has been an invaluable support. The whole program was enlightning, fun and very beneficial to all. Graeme - Plumber

I have my own pharmacy business and since attending the NLP Business trainings, I have increased my turnover in my business and decreased my turnover in staff - I am a much more tolerant and understanding boss and my staff enjoy working for me. Robert

I flew up from melbourne to attend your weekend on the recommendation of my husband who did your fluency workshop. We have been trying to have a child now for over five years, after attending your weekend I worked on myself as I discovered that my thinking was contaminated from my past toxic family, the way I was thinking was preventing me from realising the opportunities and possibilities that I could have if I chose to think differently and not focus on what used to be. It is now 5 months since attending your weekend and my life has changed for the better, and most of all I am now 10 weeks pregnant, we are ecstatic. I believe now that I can and I will be able to choose how I want my life to be in the future. God Bless you forthe wonderful work you are doing for so many individuals in showing them how to be the best they can be. Jeanette

This is one weekend that I can personally recommend to everyone, wow what a difference I have made in my life in the last 3months. I have gone from being depressed, lazy, unhappy, lack of motivation to now being excited, happy, motivated and enjoying everyday of my life as I have put new meaning in to my work and am having an absolute ball. My kids (my big kids -21 and 23) are able to sit and talk to their Mum, I now have the time to listen to them. I now see my family differently and can appreciate and acknowledge their differences and individuality, I no longer expect them to see everything the way I do. Personally this has been a life changing event for me. Thankyou Lorna for you unlimited knowledge, understanding and compassion. I will bge personally recommending this to all of my friends and colleagues, as being the best value for money seminar I have ever been to. Caroline

I came to your seminar from recommendation from my Mum, after my marriage failed. As a successful Business man I was not eager at first as I believed I had done enough trainings. Thankyou Lorna for showing me how to discover the 'real' me and my feelings - this macho man is now a MACHO/SNAG and loving every minute of it - no more stressful days and nights, I am enjoying each day. I will recommend this for all of my staff and friends, I will be having you come into our organisation, for corporate training. Mark

I have been able to look at things in the past and know that these are not my fault, I can now let the past be the past, move forward to be happy with myself. I will not take on other peoples problems, If they can't put their problem in my hand - then it isn't my problem. I can now move forward - I am moving forward. Pam

Fantastic workshop for anyone wanting to make changes in their lives. Anything is possible if your are willing to open your mind. I have been provided with the tools to make changes in my life for the better. Ian

I now know that I am in control of the choices I make, if I want it, it is up to me to make the decision, I do not have to agree or do what every one else thinks I should do. The personal power zone and mind to muscle techniques have had a big impact on the way I can now live my life. Time Line has allowed me to let go of all the parts of me that were contaminating the way I have been living my life. My future is much clearer as I now look out of clean and clear lenses, instead of the clouded smudged ones I used to not see through. I was recommended from a friend in Melbourne who did your weekend 6 years ago. Dianne

The triggers I used to have are less reactive, I have hope now that I can gain the success I have planned. I love the workshop and it has helped me to overcome the things that have held me back from achieving my goals. Sarah

When I arrived I was skeptical, and very closed and blocked. I feel more open minded and confident in being able to move forward. the workshop has been an affirmation for me that I am now on the right path and heading in the right direction, I am confident I can make the changes I need to make and am now confident enought to ask for support when needed. Trudy

I very important step in developing the skills to control my future. I have greater confidence and have the ability to make the right choices in control of my mind and how it affects my life. Trevor

Lorna's enthusiasm is contagious. I really enjoyed the course and will be able to use everything I have learned to reach my personal goals. I had a real 'ah-ha' moment when Lorna was going through achieving goals, everytime I have achieved my goals I was stepping forward not pushing from behind. I know other benefits will evolve as I take this home wiith me. Stacey

Having being very introverted for most of my life, frightened of crowds and travelling in public transport, I am pleased to let you know that after just three months, I am now living my life more socially, and entertaining friends at my home,and travel everyday on public transport to work. Have even been on a plane from Brisbane to Perth and returned. Thanks. Kay

In 2002, I attended your seminar because of the problems I was having conceiving, now in 2004 my daughter has just turned one, and we are all so happy. I really appreciate the life skills I now have and highly recommend this for everyone being able to learn how to communicate more efficently and with harmony in their lives. Your weekend has been the 2nd most profound thing I have done in my life for me ........ having my daughter being No.1. Kerrie

Three years ago, I completed your weekend - October 2004 I have completely achieved all the goals I created back then, I am married, completely own my home and have a daughter. Thankyou for all the skills I have in my life now that has assisted me in creating a life I love. Ray

Having attended your seminar in April 2004, I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for what you have offered in your weekend seminar. Since completing your seminar I am now able to comfortably and safely visit friends, be in crowds without having any of the anxiety and fear that used to be a problem in my life, creating me living a life of isolation. Since completing the Key To Designing Your Destiny, I have been to two weddings, a ball, four family gatherings and three work functions with over 200 people at each, all that in a total of 5 months. Wow!! thankyou for giving me the opportunity of finding my way to freedom, I feel like a dove that has been caged up for years, suddenly being let out of the cage and now enjoying the fruits of being able to fly. My life is now full of love, fun and excitement and each day I am creating many more exciting events. Lorna and Jon, keep up the great work - Mary-Anne

I flew to Brisbane from Melbourne to attend your weekend, because I always had an excuse as to why I couldn't do it when you were in Melbourne. I lost my husband from Cancer, my children were rebellious teenagers and my whole world seemed to be crashing around me - I then attended the Key To Designing Your Destiny, and how things have changed in my life, or I should say wow! how I have been able to change things in my life. Thankyou so much Lorna for showing me how to believe in myself again, and for your ongoing support. The best investment I have ever made and it was for me! Thankyou. Kelly

"I was always sick, going to the Doctors and was in pain and had migraines all the time, since doing your wonderful weekend I am off all medication, have not had one headache and have a boundless amount of motivation and energy. My whole life has changed and I now have a healthy future and a wonderful life ahead of me." Karen

"Having been diagnosed with Breast cancer I was devastated, I had my left breast and my lymph glands removed, having chemotherapy, and going to a Lymphatic Massage Therapist. It was her that recommended that I could benefit from doing your seminar. She herself had done it and so had her husband and son and she was so full of positives with how after clearing of her negative emotions and limiting decisions, it had changed her every day life in so many positive Healthy ways. Thankyou Lorna for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us, Since completing your seminar in October 2000. My whole perception of others around me, and how I see things in my life has changed. The Time Line process has been the most profound, with such overwhelming results for myself. I am no longer experiencing pain for long periods and am now on very minimal medication, thanks for showing me how to heal myself anytime, anywhere. Thanks also for your continued support. I am so happy and full of life again, and have made so many plans for my healthy future, I love life everyday and each day I thank you for what you have taught me, myself for believing in myself enough to believe in my beautiful massage therapist's recommendation I am eternally grateful to both of you." Narelle, 45 - Mum

At the age of 16, I was sexually abused by my boss in Country Victoria, being too frightened to say anything scared that I would not be believed because he was a successful business man in the town, I finally left my job to the disappointment of my family, who were unaware of the reason. I married which was not a successful relationship, where I was physically and verbally abused until I divorced 10 years later. Thanks to you and the wonderful work you are doing, I have now been in a successful relationship for 6 years and no longer have the fear that created my unsuccessful first marriage. I look back at who I was 7 years ago, I am so proud of who I have become and are today. Happiness is bliss for me. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, I will always appreciate what the Key means to me. Lousie

Hope you are well and have settled nicely, been meaning to get in contact with you for a while, however been really busy as usual. Time has passed so fast since the seminar 2 years ago, and well my life has changed in all positive ways. Well I attended one year of Uni and that was cut short, but I will return and finish. I met a wonderful guy, we have been together for well over 1 year, now engaged and we are excited to be parents in the next few days. All exciting things going on down this way. My Mum and Dad have finally arrived from Canada, never thought they would get here, but they managed. Mum has been a great help with moving me while pregnant and helping me get things ready for the baby. I can not thank you enough for all the support, assistance and guidance you provided me. In so many ways it has transformed me, dreams have come true and I have been given the chance to have the happiest life ever. I hope this reaches you and you have the chance to reply. Thankyou for supporting and assisting me in getting on to the right road to knowing how to create happiness. Steff.

"Having been addicted to heroin on and off - every time I came clean something would happen in my family and I would fall by the way again. I live in the country, My mother told me that if I didn't clean myself up she would totally disown me, the rest of my family would not have anything to do with me. They were all embarrassed of me. I completed your seminar 5 months ago and have been totally clean, since going cold turkey. The challenges I was confronted with became easier and easier to conquer. I have had wonderful results, I have now earnt the respect of my family again. I have started working in a full time job and can see a bright future ahead of me. I am living proof that what you are teaching can change how we live our lives, I would love to assist you with your children's seminars, and am looking at ways of being able to help others." Cameron - 19

"I wish I had have know 20 years ago what I know now, my life would have been so different. I recommend you go into schools and teach teenagers it would help cut the drug problem, abuse in families and divorces. Thanks to my mum who knew you in country Victoria, that I attended your seminar. I was sexually abused by my father who was a business man. and his best friend who was a policeman, from the age of 3 no one would believe me I was threatened, mum was scared, and I left home as soon as could at the age of 15. History kept repeating itself and I attracted into my life men who would abuse me in some way. I did not know how not to!! Thanks to you I have know broken the chain, feel worthy of myself and have got a new life. I am learning new ways everyday am feeling so free!!" Alana - 30

"I was not happy with my daughter participating in your seminar in Dec 2000, as I did not believe in these sorts of things. She is 20, at the age of 16 she had acute chronic fatigue syndrome and had experienced a lot of problems with her health since then. I am totally amazed at the differences in her since doing your weekend, she is healthy, has more energy, she is happy, is motivated towards her future and her attitude towards her family has completely changed for the better and she is a total joy to have in the family. I look forward to being a part of your next seminar in Feb 2001 and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in helping others in learning these wonderful processes." Joyce - Secretary

"My husband and I came to see you on recommendation from a friend of ours, that had done your seminar on recommendation of a friend of theirs when they had problems in their relationship. We were ready to call our marriage quits, when we consulted you privately three times and decided to attend your weekend seminar. It has truly been the best thing that both of us have done, we learnt so much, about ourselves, how we were communicating with each other, and the many misunderstanding we had of each other that we were not seeing or acknowledging. We both attended your seminar in February 2001, and would like to thankyou, for assisting us in being able to save our marriage, we have re-lit the spark that we had when we first met 10 years ago, we now can truly acknowledge that we are best friends again and our love life is the best it has been, Thankyou so much. Keep up the good work, you really have the formula for helping others to work out their relationship problems." B.K.- Mum of 4

"The most professional presentation/seminar I have ever been to, the manual was the most detailed of the processes and techniques that I went away totally in awe at what I had learnt on the weekend. My wife and my step daughter have also done your weekend and there have been great changes in our home. Congratulations on a magnificent professional weekend." Rob - Corporate manager

"Coming from a medical background, with a Mum and Dad both being Doctors, I was a bit skeptical of these things. My friend did your course and because of the difference in him, I came along to your next one. To be able to learn things about myself that I had never acknowledged, complete the process that gave me a freedom I had never experienced before. My Mum and Dad are impressed with all the positive changes in my life and have both now been recommending their clients to your seminar, and I really believe that they will both be doing it as soon as they can work a weekend free. No-one gets ?under my skin anymore." Paul

"My life growing up had been very sad and there was a lot of anger and criticism all through the family. My husband and I parted and I knew I had to do something to change the way my life was, I had been ill with endometriosis for over ten years, was never happy and was always angry. I couldn't?t believe the differences since doing your seminar in September, 2000. I have none of the symptoms and for the first time in many years I am living my life pain free and illness free. I have not been to the Doctor since September last year. My husband and I are back together and we are both so happy. Thankyou Lorna for sharing the techniques and processes with us ? they work 100%. I feel so Good." Carolyn

"Thankyou Lorna and Jon for the wonderful opportunities you have given me, for the processes and techniques that I now have that have enabled me to have the wedding I have always dreamed of I never believed it could have been possible with all the resentment that has been in my family for years, since my parents break-up. Thanks to you both for your wonderful weekend and support, I have had and enjoyed the most perfect day of celebrations on the occasion of our marriage. I am so much more peaceful with myself, have confidence in my decisions and look forward to a happy and bright future. Thankyou" Karen - Manager

"Since doing your seminar in July2000, my whole life has changed around. I have a confidence in myself, and in my decisions that I had not had before. I have changed jobs to a much better position, with much higher wages and a car with all costs supplied, I look forward to going to work each day and really enjoy the company of my workmates. I am now looking at buying my own home. My relationship with my mother has gone from resentment to a friendly warm existence. I have renewed energy and focus on what I want and know I can achieve in my life. Because of the differences in my life my younger sister did your last seminar and is also having amazing results in her life. Thankyou, for your continued support and the sharing of your knowledge." Heather - Pharmacist

"Because of a lot of things that had happened in my family over many years, I had built a wall around me regarding being able to have a successful relationship, learning about the way I was living my life, knowing now that I am so much more than who I thought I was. It is eight months since completing your weekend and my life has had so many positive turn-arounds. I did your weekend because of the differences I saw when my sister did it. I am now enjoying life and am looking forward to having a fulfilling and successful relationship. Thankyou." Karen

"Seeing Clients personally, and Presenting my weekend seminars, receiving the positive feedback from those whom have chosen to create positive changes in their lives, wi8th their behaviours, habits, thinking, Health and many other areas of their lives has been the most rewarding experience of my life. As long as I am able to help others by coaching and assisting them, in finding their true selves, in finding the happiness they desire, and deserve, I will passionately, lovingly and with integrity, continue regularly seeing clients personally, and having my Key To Designing Your Destiny™ seminars". My Goal and vision is for you to leave my Coaching / therapy sessions and seminars knowing how great you are, not how great I am. You Deserve to be Happy Everyday. As a community, I know we can all contribute to making this a better world for ourselves and others to live in as we learn and grow in learning how to communicate more effectively. Lorna

"As I client of yours for eleven years, I had seen so many positive changes in you and your life and I wanted a bit of it too. Having immigrated to Australia at the age of 10, I never realised how much fear and resentment I had held at a sub-conscious level for so many years. Acknowledging, and clearing the negative emotions ? I now feel so free inside of me. I really loved your Meditation classes, and your Key To Designing Your Destiny seminar, these have made a difference in how I see myself and others at home and at work. I have changed my place of employment, have received a major promotion and wage rise and life is really good for me now. I feel great Thankyou."
2 years later: I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life, I have found my soul mate and just become engaged, Thankyou so much for the opportunity you presented to me, allowing me to create the life I had only dreamed of, before doing your seminar. Sue - Manager

"My whole family has changed their attitudes toward me because I have now changed mine towards them. Clearing all the blockages that I had inside me was one of the most powerful techniques that I have ever been involved with it has made profound differences in many areas of my life. I am now getting more gigs and opportunities with my singing. My family now include me in their celebrations. Thankyou." Lorraine singer/Actor

"Everything I ever tried to do never worked out the way I wanted it to, I believed that I was set up for failure, nothing working out the way I wanted it to. Since the weekend seminar in September 2000, and using the processes and techniques I learnt, I am now having great positive responses. My girlfriend has also done your seminar because of the positive changes in me. Thankyou." Robert

"After noticing such profound changes in my boyfriend after he attended your seminar, I chose to do it in November. I knew there had been changes straight away, the first week after I was confused as I had no motivation, I then accepted that I needed that time for things to integrate for me. Thankyou for sharing with me your knowledge, I have really had a lot of positive changes occur in my life, especially at Christmas time when I was with the family" Therese - Engineer

"I am 42, and had always been a disaster as far as relationships went. I never seemed to be able to attract the right girl into my life ? there were always problems in my life in the relationship area. My parents had given up on me ever getting married. Since doing your seminar in July I have had a lot more positive result concerning my relationships, and am now enjoying the company of a beautiful girl that I feel will be with me for a long time. Financially things are a lot easier than they have ever been in the past" Martin - Decorator

"I have been married for seven years to a wonderful man, and have a beautiful three year old son but I was never happy, always moody and everything that went wrong was always some one else?s fault, never mine. I had been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for two years, I so much wanted another baby. It is ten weeks since I did your seminar, which I found very challenging and has been proven to be ever so rewarding for me. I learnt so much about myself, as to how I was being as a wife and a mother that I did not like in myself, and as to how easy it was for me to change. So easily now my whole attitude towards others, and my life has changed in so many positive ways. I am now 7 months pregnant, my husband says thanks for giving him back the beautiful wife he married. My Mum says thanks for giving her back the happy girl she used to know. I have friends now that would like to do your course to. Please keep me informed and let me know when you hold any different courses. Thankyou" Kayleen

"I was so depressed in my life, I kept threatening to my family that I was going to commit suicide, that life was not worth living. After seeing the results of my fiance doing your seminar, I attended your September one. Thankyou for the benefits I have received by implementing the processes I learnt, I am not angry anymore and life is good. My fiance and I have parted ways and now we are both enjoying happy successful lives. I love life"Sam - Carpenter

"Having known you for many years and seeing the changes you had made in your life, I knew that I wanted to do your seminar because I knew that you had actually done what you were going to teach me. I used to always be getting stressed out, tired and yelling at my kids. I noticed huge difference even on the first night. I now listen to what they are saying, have so much more energy and I am really enjoying my life as a Mum. My relationship with my husband has also improved, Thankyou" Meryse - Hairdresser

"It was a pleasure to assist you on your last seminar Lorna, I must congratulate you on an excellent seminar ? to see the difference and changes in the participants from when they came and when they left was phenomenal. Congratulations I am so honoured to have seen you grow through our trainings together, I am going back to Sydney to put my plans into action at having my own seminars. I would love to assist you again" Michelle -Corporate Trainer

"After seeing the differences in a lot of people around me that had done personal growth development, I decided to give it a go. A friend of mine had MS, (Multiple Sclerosis) had been using a frame to walk, and had had a lot of difficulty in being mobile. His marriage was too far gone to repair (or so we thought). To now see him walking on his own with no aids, His marriage now working, Him being happy and positive and living a much more normal life - I knew that I had nothing to lose, that if he could improve his lifestyle with MS, I definitely could improve mine. Thankyou so much for the most self -empowering weekend I have ever had, It would be impossible to list all of the benefits in my life since completing your weekend, my business is now booming. Keep up the good work" Shirley - Beauty Therapist

"My Daughter did your kids seminar, and begged me to attend your adult one the following week. I have enclosed three pages of benefits and positive things that have happened in my life since completing your weekend a month ago. There are still a couple of things that I am working on, and my son really wants to do your next kids seminar. Thankyou Lorna and Jon for your caring and sharing, and for supporting us in integrating all that we have learnt into our lives after the weekend" Heather - Lawyer

"I flew down from Sydney to assist you in your last kids seminar, and the following weekend to assist you in your last adults weekend. We have completed training together and I have attended many other seminars. I would like to congratulate you on the magnificent way in which you have put together the techniques and processes for the total benefit of the participants, enabling them to leave and be totally confident in making huge differences in all areas of their lives. What you are giving them is what we learnt over 4 years and invested thousands of dollars on. I applaud and admire you on your unselfishness of giving so much" Barry - NLP Trainer

"When I did your course in July last year, I was in a relationship that I knew was not right for me, I was always upset, frightened and crying but did not have the confidence to leave. After your seminar I had the confidence in making the decisions in my life that were right for me. I left the relationship, changed jobs and have been really enjoying my single life with my friends and cousins. Thankyou Lorna and Jon" Robyn

"After attending different seminars, I was not sure what to expect. This has been by far the most learning experience, your explanations of how the processes work were so much clearer and easier for me to understand. I am now a changed and happier person" Josie

"A fulfilling weekend, I feel empowered to now use these processes in my life everyday. I feel so much better about myself. This seminar has been presented in the most professional, comfortable and openly communicative way. A perfect venue, surroundings and delicious food. Special thanks to your assistants they were great" Jenny - Nurse

"Having completed your seminar with my husband, what can I say but Thankyou. I was very skeptical on arrival - On leaving Sunday I was so light and felt a powerful freedom I had never experienced before. I had been holding on to so much stuff that I was not aware of it was great to let go of it all completely. I was unconsciously holding so much anger and resentment, consciously I always denied it strongly. I would never allow anyone to see that I had feelings I was strong, I could conquer anything, I was always great. Your description of wearing an armour was me to a tee. Wow what a different person I am today I love the power I now have within, the freedom I now have, knowing that it is ok for me to have feelings. My daughters who are 21, and 17 love their new, nice Mum. I love knowing that I am the only one that can make myself happy that no-one can make me happy or hurt me, .. such a revelation for me who used to judge/blame others so much. After a lifetime of different (hidden) ailments/sicknesses I am now medication free. Thankyou" Joyce

Have just been advised of another graduate who has now been 100% able to express himself freely, and is speaking fluently and has been now for 6 months, I have asked him to write his version of this to put on the website.

Below are some feedback from participants of the Letting Go and expressing Yourself Freely Workshops, held in Brisbane


"Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
- Napoleon Hill

This workshop offers you so much more than just 'how you speak' Letting Go is the key to you living a much more fulfilling life, it has been the most profound training I have ever attended that gave me all the tools I needed to move from a job in IT in a backroom,to now being a very successful Insurance and financial planner, speaking confidently with people every day.It is two years since attending this workshop in Brisbane, and I no longer think about or identify myself as being a stutterer.- Jeremy(NT)

Feb 2006, I attended this workshop and since then my whole life has changed, I travelled overseas, have met the girl of my dreams and married last week. I have a job I love, working with wonderful people and my fluency has improved to the point that it is no longer an issue for me. I recommend this workshop to all who have been holding on to their stutter for many years - learn the skills and apply them to your everyday life, live life, love yourself and get on with life. I am booked in to do the NLP practitioner training with Lorna as her expertrise and experience with NLP and influencing language patterns is what I want to achieve. - Cameron. Jan 2008.(Qld)

I have done many courses for my speech and for motivation, over a few years and spent a lot of money, some for which I am still paying for.
This course, The Keys to Gaining More Fluency has been the most beneficial; and personally relevent course I have done, It has cost me the least and I have got the most from it. It is exactly what I have been looking for and I highly recommend to GIVE IT A GO, allow yourself to let go and express yourself more freely. Brendan

I was in need of some assistance with my blocking, came across Bob's website in the USA who then directed me to Lorna. I liked what I read and thought this would be beneficial for me, and I realise I wasn't wrong after completing the 5 day course. This not only focussed on my fluency (or lack of), but as myself as a whole. I have come away from this course speaking more freely with the ability to manage myself, my blocking and my future. Jim

Lorna puts her heart into the workshop and I have found it extremely valuable in assisting my manageability of my stutter.
I highly recommend this course because it has evoked in me a fighting spirit that is the most valuable precondition in me managing my stutter. I am going away from this being able to use the information that is valuable to me as I become more fluent. Joanna

It is now 12 months since I have completed this workshop and as I look back to how I was struggling as I was speaking in 2004 and to now, the improvement of my speech is unbelievable and so exciting, I can now really believe in myself speaking more freely and becoming more fluent just like Jon has, he is my mentor to becoming more fluent. Thanks Lorna and Jon. James.

Jon's Testimony - Feb 2005
Finally after a year of being asked for my story of my journey to becoming fluent, I have put it together exactly how I have experienced this. I became fluent after many years of having very Low self Esteem, Enormous Embarrassment, Fear, Distress, and Ridicule from colleagues, family and friends. 
My name is Jon Vitetta, I am 54, living in Brisbane, Qld Australia . I stuttered from the age of 7, till I was 40 and have been speaking more freely, and have become 100% fluent for the last 14 years.

Being a stutterer from the age of 7 till I was 40, also allowed me to be able to show people first hand, that you can live the dream of being able to speak more freely, and the possibility of becoming more fluent, that in my case. it was a possibility to become 100% fluent, and I am and have been 100% fluent now for over 14 years. Allow yourself the possibilityof speaking more freely, to have an open mind, discover new ways of speaking and communicating, become committed to, and apply to self the many wonderful ways we can change our behaviours by practicing and having persistence in becoming the successful person we choose to be.

Being an Engineer and a skeptic from way back of all things that were not logic in my model of the world, that if I could not see in front of me the exact formula - it could never and would never work ..............I am not sure when it was exactly or what happened that allowed me to open the doors to new opportunities of learning and experiencing new and different ways of doing things, that I was not accustomed to doing, in a way that I had not experienced before, though I am so glad that I made that decision back then to just give it a go, I sure had nothing to lose.

I did an advance communication course while working with the State Electricity Commission in Victoria , which began me on my journey of speaking more fluently.   In 1992, with my wife, I did a course over 6 weeks, with John Kehoe of Mind Power.  This really had me stepping out of my preferred way of thinking, or the only one I had known for so long.  With the unconditional support I was getting from my wife, Lorna I decided to go for it – really what had I to lose!! It definitely could not be worse than from where I was standing at the time. 

I began to apply these techniques to myself; and began noticing the changes, How could this really work? There was no logic to it.  (Remember I am an engineer – there has to be detail, and facts to support these things!!!) But I was experiencing the changes – with out the pieces of paper that could show me the details – did not make sense to me but what the heck – Did it really matter? I was getting the results, I had great self esteem, and feeling so good in all areas of my life, from that day I gave myself permission to just accept that this is where I needed to be to speak more freely and to become fluent. A couple of months later I became aware of, and realised that stuttering was no longer a problem for me, I was speaking more freely and was now speaking fluent.

It was no longer appropriate for me, to refer to myself as a stutterer anymore - I spoke more freely, I was normal like everyone else.   (These days, I believe that we all speak normal, and everyone has times in their life where they experience challenges/blocks when going to speak some times. Hey that is totally okay with me!!)

How long did this take? I am not sure because I gave myself permission to stutter, and did not care or worry about what other people thought of me, or my speech, I was focussed on clearing all of my own ‘anger’ ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’ around many more areas of my life than just my speaking, my stuttering and blocking. I decided to clean out my mind of all the toxic thought viruses I was allowing to be a part of my everyday, that had been creating so many health issues in my life. I then became more and more interested in the cognitive sciences and how it was so powerful in enabling quick results (I mean I had the problem most of my life, so 12 months was very quick for me) with different change processes, it was my responsibility to make those changes, and I was so motivated to make it happen.

I began a wonderful journey of personal development and growth. I personally become 100% responsible for making those changes permanent in my life, I knew that no one else could do it for me, at times it seemed all too hard, that is when I benefited from having a therapist /coach/wife totally supporting me and keeping me on track.

Being a stutterer from the age of 7 till I was 40, speaking more freely and becoming fluent at the age of 40, is now allowing me to be able to share with people first hand, that you can really live and achieve the dream of speaking more freely, and the possibility of becoming fluent, that it truly can becvome a reality for some to be 100% fluent, I have proved that in my own life.

Give yourself permission and allow yourself to have an open mind to try new opportunities, discover for yourself new ways and techniques,  this may seem too unconventional for you at first, if you give yourself permission to become totally committed to, and willing to apply to self the many wonderful NLP/NS processes, I am sure you can learn how to speak more freely. I know because I have done it. I know that you can choose to use these NLP/NS skills and techniques to enhance or change your behaviours, then by practicing and having persistence till you perfect the technique that allows you to speak more freely with the possibility of becoming more fluent. I was grateful for the opportunity I had in being able to work with a professional therapist who totally supported me in getting the results I wanted.
So overwhelmed at the significant changes that I was making in my life, I decided to train further with NLP, becoming a practitioner, later becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. Then I began my training with Neuro Semantics, becoming a Coach, and completing the Trainer's training..  Today in my life I live, walk and talk what I have learnt over many years of training, with continued practise, persistence and applying to self. NLP and Neuro-Semantics have been the most significant thing I have done for myself, the biggest achievement is the high self esteem I now have. I am now a confident manager in engineering, presenting many talks and demonstrations being able to lead my teams and share successes easily.

I congratulate all dys-fluent, PWBS who are now deciding to give yourself permission, as you allow yourself to open your minds, knowing that you can become flexible in your thinking. As you decide to begin trusting in your own ability to stop judging others, letting go of all past scepticism, as you open the doors, giving yourselves the chance to discover, what new techniques are out there and available to you.  For those that are deciding to still be sceptical and critical of these techniques, that is okay too, you haven’t  yet known it to be the right time for yourself to give something new a go, to me it is no longer new as I have been using these techniques for over ten years now. You may never choose to think the time as being right for you, or you may choose to give it a go and I wish you well when you do.

Today, I assist  PWS with Lorna, my wife in The Mastering Stuttering Workshop, as well as supporting those who attend our support groups.  I highly recommend the Mastering Blocking and Stuttering Workshops, it was the
NLP/NS techniques that have made the Difference that has made the difference to me in enhancing my fluency, and has shown me how to speak more freely and fully live the life I love.
The Neuro-Semantic of stuttering group is a great forum for discovering different ways you can change your beliefs and behaviours, the many people who are always there to support you on your journey, the many therapists and contributors that are sharing their challenges and triumphs with you is so much more as far as having support, than what was there for me when I was struggling to come to terms with my stuttering. 
Embrace all of these resources as you can learn how to speak more freely with the possibility of becoming more fluent, exploring all of the different ways until you discover the ‘perfect’ techniques that will assist you personally in speaking more freely, as you clean out all your own thought viruses, as you believe you can and you will, in your own time, in your own way to speaking more freely.

I really would like to personally thank Bob for his vision with NS, and PWS, his dedication and support of all PWS, and those that are working with PWS. I would like to acknowledge my wife Lorna for all her dedication to, belief in, as well as her long hours of personal assistance, and persistence in unconditionally supporting myself and all of those PWS in Australia that have become an enjoyable part of my own continued development.  I am living proof that NLP/NS does help PWS, when applied to self with commitment and belief.                                                                                    Jon Vitetta

Christmas last year, anf for many years prior to that, at our company break up I allowed my manager to speak and handout all staff recognitions and awards - Christmas 2004, I made all the speeches, recognitions, and handed out all the awards myself and I was completely confident and spoke more fluently. I completed this course in April 2004, and have gone ahead in leaps and bounds since then. I am now more often fluent than not, and every day I speak more freely. Don

I recently sent this email to Bob sharing my experiences of what I had learnt so far in my journey to overcome stuttering for once and for all. He suggested that I share it with all members on the list. In April I completed the Mastering of Blocking and Stuttering course with Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta in Brisbane, Aust. I recently has the had the opportunity to go back to refresh my understanding and learn at a greater depth.

I have held off the last few months in writing to share my experiences as I gathered my thoughts and where I have come from and how I feel that every day I am gaining a higher level of fluncy in speaking situations. I felt it was time to put words on paper and share them. I have seen a huge growth in myself in all aspects of my life. I realised that I cannot change what I have experienced in the past but can remove the emotions and feelings that I attached to the situation. To begin with I dealt with the issues on the surface and gained a higher level of understanding of my states and how to switch between them. Over the last few months I have seen situations that were previously hard become easy eg walking up to buy a train ticket now simple with probably 80% success rate in speaking fluently when I get a ticket. This in itself was the start of the journey, the ultimate building of my confidence.

I appreciate Lorna's openess and ability to push, often only using a few words to get you out of your comfort zone. Over the last few days, I recognised that it was time for me to deveal deeper into the uncomfortable areas of past experiences. The first time I completed the course I found that straight afterwards my speech had declined and hit what I could only describe as rock bottom and ultimate disfluency. I took it as a positive and felt that my patterns had been disrupted and that was good so I ploughed ahead and kept instilling the patterns to achieve higher levels of fluency :) On the second time round by day 3-4 of the course I had the same feeling as the previous course, no matter how I applied my smooth speech techniques I could feel that I was lapsing to the same point of total fluency within the next day of so. I mentioned this to Lorna and Jennifer and they agreed that I had stirred a stack of bits from the past.

By the end of the 4 day I too had realised that there were issues under the surface that needed to be dealt with. I spent a couple of hours that night on myself and lifted them to the surface. Facing these issues has lifted the weight from my shoulders, I no longer feel the anxiety and thoughts that were once there. I spoke beautifully yesterday and feeling even better today. My goal of speaking fluently in all speaking situations is achievable.

I completed a timeline on anxiety and would like to share what I felt. I am current 29. When I stood facing my past, feeling that emotion of anxiety I steped back into past and walked the timeline. I felt the level of anxiety over the last few years to be fairly small then intensify from mid 20's into teenage years, then reduce and completely disappeared by the age of about 2-3. I then brought all the resources I needed as a little kid and blew anxiety apart filling my life with confidience, energy and laughter, plus piles of other wonderful stuff. This really showed me how we store so much and associate these emotions throughout our lives.

My goal is near and can see myself speaking fluently. Stuttering is something that I did in the past and it no longer serves me in my life. Things from the past are often hard to deal with and this is often what holds us back. I encourage all to not give up, but to go forth and conquer to you get your dream. Cheers - Kerrie

July 2004 - Brisbane Workshop Summary and Feedback.
  We have just completed our second successful Brisbane , 5 day workshop of  The Keys To Gaining Fluency by Mastering Your Blocking and Stuttering, using Bobby Bodenhamer’s, Neuro-semantics Model. I was exceptionally happy as to how the whole five days went, From a presenter point of view the participants interest, energy  and enthusiasm was at a high level through the whole five days. They were an excellent group and  all contributed so much to each and everyone of us.  I was exceptionally blessed to have had two assistants of extreme excellence, Jennifer from Mackay, Qld. and my husband Jon, Who added so much extra to the training from their own personal journeys, that allowed for it to be completely seamless.     We had four who completed the April workshop,  who reviewed and offered very valuable support to all of the new participants, Sharing with us all of their successes and improvements in their lives since completing their course.

Again It was so special for me as well as all of the participants, to have my husband Jon there, as proof of what can be achieved as you practice and apply the contents of the Mastering Blocking and Stuttering workshop to gain fluency. some have chosen to have him as their mentor in gaining fluency.


  • The course simplified for me the contents of the manual
  • Doing the exercises were great – got a better understanding of how  the processes work
  • I feel that it was great, loved the re-imprinting process. I believe it is important to do the Time Line and have the capacity to use it  to deal with issues in the past.
  • I am already speaking more fluently, more easily and can see myself improving even more as I leave here.
  • I would like the exercises to be even more simplified
  • I liked the way Lorna showed it on the screen and explained all the processes step by step.
  • Liked the Power point and life experiences, this made me understand more. Information was excellent and is easy to understand and use.
  • As a reviewer, I really appreciated the extra handouts  - I now have a better understanding of how the processes work.  
  • Applicable to all areas of my life not just my stuttering
  • Opened my mind up – learned many new things – new outlook
  • The process of learning about yourself, thoughts and feelings was great –  loved the whole 5 days
  • As a reviewer, really liked the new information section leading into the manual, I found it very helpful and made it easier for me to understand, I liked the way Lorna simplified the exercises, Effect can be lost for me sometimes in the lengthy exercises.
  • Presentation was very good, I thought the information was great.
  • The manual is pretty big, looks overwhelming but then Lorna explained it, and showed it step by step on the screen and I got a much better understanding of it.
  • I believe the content is a little confusing at first but the way in which Lorna simplified it with her explanations and power point helped me a lot.
  • I found it too Americanised, I am sure I will understand it better as I re-read it now after the course.
  • I would suggest to try to simplify the manual -  Lorna did this perfectly with her simple explanations and presentation.


  • Lorna was excellent, I really appreciated her thorough understanding of the material  and it is great to see that her and Jon are living what they are teaching.

  • Lorna, you have a great outlook on life and a passion for helping/supporting us all to reach our full potential of speaking more fluently.

  •   You have brilliant expertise, warm, glowing energy that makes me feel good – I now believe that I to can achieve more fluency.  Thankyou so much
  • Lorna has done a fabulous job, it is great how you push everyone to extract themselves from their comfort zone
  • Lorna was excellent and very supportive in helping me get to the root of my stammering
    , her passion for living life to the fullest gave me the motivation I needed to change the way I have been making choices that limited me in many ways.
  •   Lorna is wonderful passionate woman. I truly envy the way you have overcome your personal challenges, you are so full of life, thankyou for all of your support and help. I now know that I can also overcome my main challenge of stuttering.


  • Jon has given me hope of gaining complete fluency – I will use him as my mentor.
  • Both Jennifer and Jon have been great, I appreciated their support with the exercises.
  • It was great to have people around you to get you out of your comfort zone –this makes a Difference and has made me go and get results
  • Jennifer was excellent in her way of telling me the truth of the matter in a firm but kind way.

What benefits have you recognised from attending this workshop?

  • I already feel more confident and that I now have access to the knowledge that I need to make a difference to my speech. I believe that I will attain fluency.  Lorna is a warm, compassionate, funny person who is deeply involved in helping people to reach their full potential. I found the course challenging and most interesting and am positive it will definitely make a difference in my life. Alison
  • I have a more positive attitude in general, I have pushed my blocking and stuttering to the background and have a stronger sense of self worth and am relating better to people in the foreground, I am speaking more fluently.
    The course is well balanced and deals with feelings and emotions behind the physical Blocking and Stuttering. Terry
  • I now have a greater depth of knowledge, it has pushed me over the edge that I needed, who ever wants to deal with the yucky stuff that held me back. I feel that I am now free and can now reach my ultimate goal of speaking fluently in all situations.  It is only our mind that stops us from reaching our goal of speaking fluently in all situations.  Kerrie
  • I am not a stutterer, attended the course with my girlfriend, I believe that anyone can get over any of their fears
    in their life by applying the principles and practises of this course. This course will surely change my life completely and people in my life will change their perception of me. I feel extra confidence and  believe that I can really change completely what I have not liked about myself in the past. 
  • Adrian
  • I feel I am discovering some aspect of my personality I haven’t thought of for a long time, some of these aspects of me are the cause of my stammering, I now know that I can make the necessary changes.  It was all a bit of a shock, I am really glad that I attended this course.  Julie
  • I realise that I now have more power over my mind than I realised before the course. I thought the course was going to be too much for me to understand, but it has turned out not to be.  I know I will become more fluent. Katrina
  • I know, since completing the course in
    and reviewing in April, I have much more perseverance and confidence. Since doing this course with Lorna, I feel I have been able to explore and understand my inner-self. I have understood the concepts of the course much better and easier. Lorna explains it very well, so that I had a better understanding.  Thank you for your time, patience and effort.   Holly Rolly
  • I feel so confident at this very moment.  I am so excited to continue my road to fluency.  I was a little sceptical at the beginning as I have tried so many different things and none of them have been successful, but now I know I can do it and I will.  Lauren
  •   Speech maintenance is the key for me (brick/wall) – this course was the mortar/cement.  I wasn’t always sure as to if
    I was doing the exercises correctly, simplifying the exercises would have made it easier for me.  Thanks.
  • I now can see that I have been living in the past and allowing it to control my present and the future.
    This course has allowed me to put my stutter where it should be, behind me.  It is only a small part of the whole person I am.  Brett
  • I now have a much deeper understanding of myself and how my stuttering works by me allowing it to control me. 
    I fully see the light of fluency at the end of the tunnel of practice and application.
  • I now have a better understanding of course material, I know that I am now able to apply concepts quicker (put into practice) – I was getting myself ‘stuck’ (bogged down) in too much detail and content
  • Give yourself the gift of attending this workshop. You’re worth it.

    I hope to see you at the next The Keys To Gaining More Fluency
    by Mastering Your Blocking & Stuttering


              • Appreciated the extra handouts
              • Applicable to all areas of my life
              • Opened my mind up
              • learned many new things
              • New outlook
              • The process of learning about yourself thoughts and feelings was great
              • Loved the whole 5 days
              • About the manual –
              • liked how you presented your manual
              • I would suggest to try to simplify, you did this perfectly with your presentation.
              • Good presentation
              • Very Good
              • The Presenter -
              • Enjoyed it at all times
              • Truly professional presenter
              • Great outlook on life and a passion for helping/supporting PWBS
              • You have brilliant expertise, warm, glowing energy that makes you feel good
              • Good presentation Lorna

The Assistants -

Both Jenn and Jon added so many different aspects that enhanced the whole course. (they were great and added things where they had also experienced in making many changes in their lives, especially Jon from being a stutterer to how he became fluent)

What benefits have you recognised from attending this workshop? I am a better person, I know myself better, and I will become fluent.Deeper understanding of myself and how my stuttering works by me allowing it to control me. I fully see the light of fluency at the end of the tunnel of practice and application.I have a different outlook on life. My past stuttering manners were not as important as I made out I was an attention seeker rather than a participitator. A far greater understanding of self. Already from the course I can feel a happier ‘self’. I can see that it will enable me to work on so many other aspects of my life that will give fluency. The journey was started before I walked in the door but this will finish the process and continue my growth in myself.
I learnt a lot about my self and accept things more, with more practice comes more benefits so the foundation has been laid the building is about to be constructed. Better understanding of course material, able to apply concepts quicker (put into practice) – was bogged down in too much content. I would appreciate a testimonial that you will agree to me using in my promotions, that will encourage others who Block/Stutter to participate in this workshop.Give yourself the gift of attending this workshop. You’re worth it.

The key is looking at your inner self, I believe that mastering stuttering is a journey that you can take only by looking at your inner self.I found Lorna’s course to have added extra layers to the course I did in Perth. I have found the course to be beneficial in life in general rather than one aspect of my life – ie: stuttering. I have now given myself permission to do/ say and act the way I want to.The course addresses where the stuttering comes from and treats it at the causes. It is not fluency modification, which can be effective but doesn’t address the cause. Together they create powerful tools. (from a Mc Guire course instructor)

From Marc
Howdy all, I wish to encourage all Queensland Speakeasy members to attend this 5 day workshop. Carlo and I attended the Perthworkshop along with John Steggles (the President Australian Speak Easy Association) and I concur with John's comments below: "that all the participants felt the workshop was good value for money and were happy with what they got out of the course and are now well on their way to implementing the techniques that were taught"

What did MARC get out of it ???
Some history first! Smooth Speech has been part of my life for close to 25 years, and most of you guys know, I come across pretty damn fluent!..... Yep, I sure am... when I'm at the Mater!, or at a Speakeasy event!..... basically when ever I speak to another "stutter"! I seem to be able to turn on the "smooth-speech tap" with you guys! But unfortunately the other 90% of the time I'm not fluent, and I'm even less fluent when speaking with AUTHORITY figures!

This fluency phenomena has been puzzling me for years, for example: why do I speak fluently with my Mum, yet stutter chronically (until recently) with my Dad? why do I speak more fluently with younger people and less fluently with older people? why do I speakmore fluently with an apprentice and less fluent with my boss? and the list goes on and on and on .................................
I repeatedly questioned Speech pathologists about my dilemma!.... I knew from previous 'personal development' courses that our adult life is a pretty much shaped by childhood experiences from birth to age six! I used to ask the Speech pathologists what in my childhood could have caused me to stutter? (no other family member stutters!) etc...... No answers where forthcoming!!!!

But I knew in my "gut" that the solution to my stuttering would have to be a psychological one! The Speech pathologists have done a fantastic job making me 100% fluent in the laboratory but I was unable to transcribe those skills to the out side world! Why is this so? As soon as I made myself responsible for the solution to my problem... the answers came.. in the form of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) NLP/NS (Neurosemantics) has assisted me to think about stuttering differently!

NLP breaks up the meaning we put behind our stutter into 5 matrix's 1. Self 2. Power 3. Time 4. Others 5. World For example: I related to my stutter and more importantly to using smooth speech in public like so.... Self Esteem Matrix - I don’t want to look like a fool. I will not show my vulnerability's or weaknesses. I will play it safe and create a sense of security because I am not like others. I am more sensitive. I can’t handle criticism well.

The Power matrix - I am going to try to control this? I am going to try to control every word that comes out of my mouth. I will do that by becoming very self aware of my speech."Time" matrix - I am going to not repeat the past. I am not going to make a fool of myself with my speech anymore. If I block any emotion in this moment, it will give me more control.How "Others" view us matrix - I am not going to attract attention. I am not going to let others see my vulnerability's. I will not let them see me struggle. I will avoid any situations around people or groups that will expose this weakness. I will not give others a chance to laugh at me
.How I view "World" matrix - I will not do anything that will draw attention to me in my work, career, etc. I will avoid peaking situations that will attract attention to me.
NLP/NS has provided me with a frame work to understand how "unresolved" childhood issues drive adult stuttering, it has also given me the tools to train my mind to change states to a more resourceful state, in an effort to reduce my fear and anxiety associated with stuttering and in my case using smooth speech in public!

Now back to the original question - What did MARC get out of it ??? I feel calm, relaxed and confident about myself. I have put my "stuttering" into perspective, it is NO longer the biggest issue in my life, in fact, its a spec of sand, very unimportant. Thanks to NLP/NS when I meet new people or speak to authoritative figures, I no longer think those thoughts in the above 5 matrix's, this immediately reduces fears and anxiety associated with speaking and hence a better chance of fluency.

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