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3dayintro3 Day
NLP Foundation Skills

An Introduction for Adding Value To Your Company,
Accounting, Law, Medical, Coaching, Training, Therapy, Business

July 12th, 13th & 14th 2016

9.00 am - 5.30pm

Wakerley, Brisbane. Qld

Adding Value To your Coaching, Training & Managerial Skills
Enhancing Your Workplace Participation

This three day Introduction to the NLP Foundational Skills, Is an excellent way of discovering the many benefits that NLP will add value in your Business.

Introducing you to the fundamentals of NLP, which will enable you to tap into your own Unique Intelligences, begin utilising these in your everyday life in the workplace as well
as adding value in your personal life.

How to Address those 'Narcissistic' personality type Bossess and people in your life that take pleasure in bringing you down? Learn how to not be affected by their behaviours.

You will be gaining a clearer understanding of 'HOW' you are doing what you are doing,
Is 'WHAT' you are doing limiting or blocking your progress?

'WHO' has the resources you are needing to move forward, and accelerate your success.
Would you like to have the knowledge and the understanding of how others are thinking,
and the acceptance of when they are doing things differently without negative reaction?

Add Value to Your Business, Corporation, Company, Medical practice,
Training,Coaching, Therapy, Mentoring, or Managerial Position

You may have heard about NLP from a colleague or a friend,
or know of someone who has done a course on it,
seen it on TV, or maybe you’ve read about NLP in a book or magazine,

So You Are Curious As To What NLP is all about? 
That is great – because NLP thinking and processes are making a big impact on the way that you can do business today and in the world of personal development. We believe that this three day Introduction to the foundational skills of NLP is good place to start to explore the possibilities, Each of us have the ability of the most sophisticated computers ever conceived, and can hold unbelievable amounts of memory and facts, yet we were not issued with a manual or instructions of how to use them, and are often puzzled as to why even doing the simplest tasks sometime create us being challenged and often failing to get a good outcome.

You May Acknowledge That NLP Seems Kind of Interesting,
and believe that it could be very useful but are having some difficulty in making sense of it from what you know about it so far.How would you like to create a manual for "How To Run Your Brains" and begin to understand the workings of your mind and body system and create more successful outcomes. This three day Introduction to the NLP Foundational Skills, will introduce you to the fundamentals of NLP which will enable you to begin utilising these in your everyday life as well as gaining a clearer understanding of how you are doing what you are doing, and have an acceptance of how others do things differently.

You've Heard From Others That Are Making All Sorts Of Claims About The Amazing Benefits
that NLP can give you,  like the way it assists you in developing more effective ways of communicating, is a way of influencing people to change unwanted or unhealthy behaviours, how to more effectively be achieving your goals, excellent ways of managing individuals and groups, how to be aware of situations and avoiding the things that you don’t want and knowing how and what to do in achieving what you do want. You will be exploring what lies within – uncovering your full potential of how your mind and body are working together, that may be the cause of some unhealthy choices that are creating conflict in some areas of your life, and being introduced to how you can create choices to personally begin living with a more healthy outlook improving your Personal and professional wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Personally for me, I am grateful everyday for being introduced to NLP 25 years ago and have experienced the growth over the years in to many different fields, where it has made a huge impact in the Business world creating amazing Leaders who are creating more Leaders in their field, building magnificent productive teams, Making wiser decisions with successful outcomes, bringing together colleagues from different mindsets and working collaboratively more successful than what was possible in past times.
Having Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, University Professors learning how to connect to their Emotional Intelligences developing more compassion within their field - connecting more successfully with their teams. NLP adds value in so many areas of the workplace.

Unfortunately You Can’t Learn NLP From A Book Effectively
While this is making you more curious about NLP, and may be interested in wanting to learn more, though you are not yet ready to invest in a full 12 day NLP Practitioner training to verify these claims for yourself but you clearly are interested in discovering more about NLP.
Unfortunately you can't learn NLP from a book, or an audio program. Many people claim to know how to do NLP yet have only read books, listened to audio or watched DVD's and have never experienced doing NLP. As the saying goes – (Thanks to Robert Dilts for this ….)

"you can read all the books, listen to all the audios and watch many DVD's and you have lots of information stored in the mind about NLP,
It is not till you experience 'doing' NLP and getting it into your muscle, does it become knowledge"

NLP is a very practical set of skills, tools and techniques. Reading about NLP, is not the same as doing it, you will find out about all the possible benefits of what NLP can do to enhance your life, by experiencing and discovering it for yourself, is one of the best ways to learn - especially when it comes to discovering things about yourself.
As you begin to notice the improvements in your own life both personally and professionally when you attend this 3 day Introduction to NLP, you will definitely find yourself getting hands-on as you are trying things out - 

giving you the opportunity of seeing and feeling for yourself all the benefits and power of NLP, and why it has been so effective in empowering so many people around the world for 40years.

Begin Benefitting In Your Life Professional and Personal Life
From What NLP Has To Offer …

- Applying your NLP skills/techniques in all aspects of the workplace, with colleagues, clients, management
- Creatively Manage Change
- Build quality relationships based on confidence and trust through rapport.
- Developing your Intuition/understanding how other people are thinking, & doing what they do
- Knowing how to consistently be making wiser decisions
- How to make amazing changes by changing unhealthy behaviours and habits
- How to encode your experiences, how this links to your own personal challenges and successes.
- Being in control of How you think and feel
- Begin Improving your personal confidence and self-esteem
- Communicating in ways that enhance your understanding and interest
- Start now in overcoming your professional and personal self-limitations
- How to easily and quickly create a healthy 'connection' with others
- Understanding situations from different points of view
- Creating Healthy States - despite the circumstances, especially in the workplace
- Improving your confidence and self-esteem
- What is driving you towards success or is moving you away from failure
- Becoming more persuasive and influential
- Recognising the impact of your own and others body language
- Taking control of your state - for successful outcomes when collaborating
- Choosing the state you wish to be in at any time - Professional, Happy, Confident, Relaxed etc
- Being able to step into a resourceful state easily.
- Dealing effectively with stress and anxiety
- Setting and achieving your goals successfully
- Enhance your skills in Coaching, Counselling, Teaching, Relationships, Parenting, Presenting …
- Improving the quality of personal and workplace relationships
- Begin communicating more effectively.
- Consider adopting beliefs that will support and create a learning culture
- Developing more effective teams that work well together
- Creating healthy functional family relationships

You will be learning NLP by experiencing and doing the supervised practice sessions, getting the experience and understanding of the process and structure of how it works, allowing you to apply it in your own life on completion personally and in your workplace. NLP is a practical set of techniques and skills based on modelling the behaviours of each person's individual unique programming.

You will find the materials and tools from this three day Introduction to NLP, of use immediately, and will start to feels the benefits in your life as you begin using them in all areas of your life.

This three days of discovering The NLP Foundational Skills will provide you with the fundamentals of NLP – you will start seeing yourself differently, and begin to understand how you and others operate and communicate in different ways, and noticing the changes in how others are relating with you more positively.

You may find that in these 3 days you get everything you want or you may find yourself wanting to discover more
and go on to qualify with our
5 day Business NLP, or our 12 day (3 days x 4 months) Certified NLP Practitioner training,–
In which case you will receive a special offer on your investment to continue with your NLP trainings.
Whatever you decide we would certainly be pleased to support you at this stage of your journey.

NLP introduces you into being able to Create Powerful Opportunities & Possibilities
for you to personally develop, and being able to begin taking control of your life.

The workshop will be Fun, Educational, Experiential and Informal –
giving you the opportunity in experiencing and using NLP. By the end of the workshop, you won't just be wondering what NLP is …… – you will be doing it.


3dayfound3 Day
NLP Foundation Skills

An Introduction for Adding Value To Your Company,
Accounting, Law, Medical, Coaching, Training,
Therapy, Business

July 12th, 13th & 14th 2016
9.00 am - 5.30pm
Wakerley, Brisbane. Qld



PAY BY FRIDAY Friday 1st July 2016



You Will Receive:
Charts, Assistant Cards, Worksheet, etc
Large Collection of Supporting Materials,

FULLY CATERED Lunch and Refreshments
- Freshly Made Healthy food, catering for your food preferences
( Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy Intolerant etc)

FREE PARKING and so much more

   Come and Experience What NLP is ....
Discover What A Difference NLP Can Make For You

ALL YOU NEED TO BRING IS YOU - And an Open Mind Ready To Discover

Come and learn with Lorna, an International Master Trainer of NLP, Affiliated with Robert Dilts NLPU, with over 20 years experience who has regulary assisted in trainings at NLPU
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Enhance your communicating skills In Your Workplace & Personal Relationships,
Develop Performanace Excellence And Understanding
Of how to communicate effectively to peoples individual and unique learning styles.
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