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Lorna is an
International Speaker,
NLP Master Trainer and
mBIT Master Trainer

Master NLP Trainer
(NLP University - Robert Dilts &
    Judith De Lozier; USA)

mBIT Master Trainer
(mBIT International))

mBIT Certified Coach
(mBIT International))

Certificate IV
TAE4 - Training

Certificate IV Business

Certificate IV Coaching

   Certified Trainer

iWAM Practitioner

NLP Trainer -
NeuroSemantics (NSTT)

mBIT Master Trainer/Coach

Cert IV Business Coach
Cert IV Personal Coach

NLP Health Certification

Master Practitioner NLP

(NLP Association of America)

M Practitioner
Time Line Therapy

(Time Line Therapy™ Assoc)


Virtual Gastric Banding

Certified Trainer
Meta States

Certified Meta States
Coach (ACMC)

(20 Years Experience)
Colour & Style Consultant

Neethling Brain Institute
Licensed Practitioner

Jon Vitetta


ACMC. B Eng Mech

Mechanical Engineer, Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

NLP Trainer & Consultant
(NLP University - Robert Dilts &    Judith De Lozier; USA)
mBIT Certified Coach
(mBIT International)
Master Practitioner NLP
Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy™
Master Hypnotist (ABH)
Certified Practitioner of Meta States™
Certified Meta Coach (ACMC)
LAB Profile Practitioner
Management Coach









About Brisbane NLPworking4u - Lorna and Jon

Lorna is one of Australia's most experienced NLP trainers,
having trained with many of the leading NLP Trainers
Has trained with 57+ trainers over 27 years, and continues Learning,
that has led her to become an expert in her field
began working with NLP because of the journey that she was on, read her compelling personal victory over defeating cervical cancer 35+ yrs ago.......... read her personal journey

NLP, Neurosemantics, Hypnotherapy,Time Line Therapy, Mind Powers, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuroplasticity sciences, Whole Brain Thinking, LAB - Words That Change Minds, iWAM - Work & Motivation Traits, Leadership, EFT, Meta Coaching, 3 Brain Integration Coaching models, customer service,Life and Executive coaching, continuously incorporating, evolving and improving her own trainings generously sharing with her students adding more value with each training. keeping up to date with new ways of applying these techniques and skills for the benefits of her students, incorporating for the growth and development of the field.

Lorna generously facilitates and shares her amazing knowledge and experiences that enables you to a process more effectively, getting the excellent results you are wanting more quickly and with less effort.

Lorna completed her Master NLP Trainer and Facilitator Certification at the NLP University, UCSC Santa Cruz. USA with Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Deborah Bacon-Dilts, and Suzi Smith, Sid Jacobsen and shared with many wonderful NLP Trainers from around the globe, where many resources are/were shared and lifetime affiliations were made, that will enrich all of your trainings as we support each other in our quest for a worldwide community where people want to belong. Lorna has been assisting at NLP University since 2011, Assisting/Resourcing Robert and Judith with their Trainers Training and Master Trainers, Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings and is looking forward to developing more towards the Next 4th Generation of NLP. and is looking forward to being back there at UCSC with Robert, Deborah and Michael this August 2017, for Conscious Leadership training where she will be visiting top businesses in Silicon valley where NLP Conscious Leadership has been successfully implemented into these companies.

Lorna speaks and trains internationally, is affiliated with many international trainers and organisations
and facilitates at Griffith University in Brisbane, and at UCSC, Santa Cruz. USA.
Lorna mentors and facilitates Master Mind Groups within organisations..

Lorna was the first certified trainer in Australia of the LAB - Words that Change Minds, Mastering the Language of Influence that will teach you how to identify the motivation and working traits of yourself and your employees for retaining longer lasting employees, more dedictaed and loyal team within the workplace.
She is also an iWAM certified practitioner. She offers practitioner trainings of the LAB profiling system for companies or personal development. A powerful model for change and successful communication especially with colleagues and ion teams.

Lorna was one of only 6 personally selected Master Trainers of the Internationally accredited mBIT (multi braining - 3 Brain) Trainings and trained internationally having presented the first mBIT Coach certification in the USA in Salt lake City in 2014, as well as in San Francisco.

Lorna received her Masters in NLP with Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Deborah Bacon-Dilts, Suzi Smith, Sid jacobsen, Michael Colgrass, at the NLP University, where NLP began 42 years ago with Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Lorna's other trainings were with NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis certifications through Dr Tad James - a leader in the field of NLP, and the creator of Time Line Therapy®. Her Neurosemantics qualifications, from Dr.L.Michael Hall and Dr Bobby.G.Bodenhamer the co founders of Neurosemantics.The LAB Certification was with Shelle Rose Charvet, The Meta Coaching certification was with the Meta Coaching Foundation – Neurosemantics – Dr L. Michael Hall and Michelle Duval,
Graham Richardson, Cheryl Gilroy, Reg reynolds; Whole Brain Thinking® qualifications were from Ken Wall – The Thinking Network. and Kobus Neethling, Hypnotherapy was with Tad James, Dr Topher Morrison, Chris Howard, Sheila Granger, Alpha Hypnosis Training, Hypnobirthing - the Mongo Method, Dr John Gray, Lorna has also trained with John Kehoe of Mind Power, Sue Knight in Coaching and Modelling, Michael Grinder in Group Dynamics, Dr Christopher Morrison- Advanced Hypnotherapy, Chris Howard - NLP, Alpha Institute, Dr John Gray, John Tickell, Dr David Lake, Gary Craig in EFT, Mind Mapping, NBI, & Fish.

Lorna has obtained her Certificate IV in Coaching with Fire Up Coaching, and is a certified Meta Coach with the Institiute of Neuro-Semantics. Lorna received her Certificate 1V Trainers and workplace Assessors certifications from the University of Melbourne, and her Certificate 1V in Business from Qld University, she upgraded to the TA4 qualification in 2009, and to the TAE4 level in 2010, in Queensland. Lorna has been a certified Colour and Style Image consultant having had her own business in Beauty Therapy and Image consulting for over 25 years in country Victoria and Melbourne, before moving in 2002 to Brisbane, Qld.

Lorna is a dynamic, passionate and vivacious presenter and she prides herself on approaching others in a down to earth, yet professional manner, cutting out the jargon and delivering in a simple easy to understand format. Her generosity in giving her students more than what they expect in so many ways, mostly her undivided attention, support, time, charts to assist the student, and many many extras as well as healthy food all day. Lorna lives by what she shares with her students and there is always so much more than you expect - everyday.

Lorna has successfully worked with people from all levels within organisations, Small - Medium Business, Large Corporate, with Manufacturers, Leaders and managers. Lorna develops and facilitates customised training workshops for the Corporate sector, SME, Medical Practitioners, Teachers, Therapists, Adult Learning, Children, People who stutter, children with learning difficulties, and in general people of all ages who want to develop certain areas of their life to achieve life and/or work balance.

Having successfully created and managed her own businesses, over many years as a successful Professional Business Owner, Image Consultant, Beauty Therapist, CosmeticTattooist, Trainer, Coach and Therapist, in country Victoria as well as for 15 years in Melbourne, and since 2002 in Brisbane. For the past 18 years successfully conducting her own Training/Personal Coaching/Therapy business with corporate and personal clients., holding her very successful individually designed, personal development and corporate trainings, seminars and workshops.

The journey continues, The Learning Continues and Her Good Health and Wellbeing continues making a difference in the world to those around her.

Lorna has now created her Collective Intelligence Coaching training incorporating NLP, The Whole Brain
techniques, The scientific findings of the of 3 Brain Revelations, the Head, Heart and Gut, discovering the intelligences that each brain has incorporating with Learning and Behaviour modelling.

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Jon - NLP Trainer - NLPUniversity - UCSC Santa Cruz, California.
                Jon also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering
, graduating from Melbourne University.

Jon is a Certified, internationally recognised NLP Trainer & Facilitator with NLPUniversity (Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier)
and has also attended the Neurosemantics Trainers Training.

Jon is a Master Practitioner of NLP / Neurosemantics, LAB Profile practitioner, Life skills coach,
Practitioner of EFT and Mind Mapping.

Jon is a certified mBIT Coach, and continues his studies in Personal Development, and with Lorna in the fields of NLP
and Neuro-Semantics learning leading edge advanced communication skills, using these skills in his work as an engineer,
and personal environments, as well as his ongoing assistance to Lorna with her trainings and seminars.



Brisbane NLPworking4u
creates and develops training to suit the individual needs of an organisation,

NLPU Affiliated Practitioner & Master Practitioner Trainings
Brisbane NLPworking4u Certified NLP trainings.
Collective Intelligence Coaching
Intro to Neuroscience 3 Brain Coaching
mBIT Certitified Coach
mBIT Certified Trainers
LAB _ Words That Change Minds
Whole Brain Thinking®
Coaching Essentials - NLP Based INtroduction to Coaching
Laser Beam Focus
Executive Coaching for the corporate market
Organisational Wellness – Bringing happiness into the workplace for a more productive team
Communication Games Business Experts play - Advanced communication
Negotiation and mediation
Change management - Team Development
Performance Enhancement and management
Values alignment

The Key to Designing your Destiny™
The Key to Designing your Destiny™ for Kids
Self Dynamics®
Accessing Your personal Genius
The Key to Relationship Happiness - Bringing Laughter & Fun back into your Relationship
Dissolving The Disappointment of Divorce
Learning How to Learn – Strategies for Spelling, Maths, Reading, Memory Enhancement
Performance Enhancement
Letting Go and Expressing Yourself Freely - The Key to Gaining Fluency
Cleaning Out Your Clutter
Defeating the Dragons of Depresion

Lorna, with her husband Jon are the directors of their company, LJV Enterprises Pty Ltd which is the umbrella company of Brisbane NLP, & NLPworking4u, Brisbane mBraining, utilising their diverse personal development, educational and training workshops and seminars.

Lorna and Jon's credentials in the fields of advanced communication skills are listed
in the column on the left of this page. Each year they commit to continuing their own education and training
in these fields, with expert International and Australian trainers.

Phone: 1300 306 803 Click Here to Email Us
Enhance your communicating skills In Your Workplace & Personal Relationships,
Develop Performance Excellence And Understanding
Of how to communicate effectively to peoples individual and unique learning styles.
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